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Q1. Why do I need a certification? Why is it so emphasized?

A. IT certification is the key to excel in today's corporate world. Your real world skills and job related abilities are validated and certified by vendors. These credentials and certifications help you maximize your potentials and is your way to success. Some of these certifications are as follow:
  • MCSE : Microsoft Certified System Engineer
  • MCSA : Microsoft Certified System Administrator
  • MCAD: Microsoft Certified Application Developer
  • MCSD: Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
  • MCDBA : Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • CCNA : Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • CCNP : Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • A+: Comp TIA Service Technician
  • CIW ASSOCIATE : Certified Internet Webmaster Associate Earning a certification is part of the process of bettering your IT career. Amongst the unlimited advantages of being a certified professional, few are mentioned herewith:-
  • Help you acquire expertise to excel.
  • Gives recognition and validation to your skills.
  • Better employment opportunities.
  • Assist you to stands out amongst the crowd.

Q2. I want to know about CertifyWeb?

A. CertifyWeb brings you the most efficient, cost-effective and promising online certification courses. CertifyWeb has been working since 1999, and is one of the leading providers for online trainings and certifications. Over the years we have facilitated more than 450,000 people around the globe in maximizing their potentials and achieving their goal of becoming a certified professional.

Q3. Why should I choose CertifyWeb amongst all other training providers?

A. CertifyWeb is an acknowledged leader in providing certification preparation material to IT professionals around the globe. Supporting almost 1500 IT courses, CertifyWeb provides access to unique resources and offer a life long career path in IT skill development. Thousands of professionals and companies have become certified by using our proven certification courses for their IT requirements. We offer nominal packages for IT preparation materials and assist you in earning your certifications in minimum time frame.

Q4. I am new to IT certification, which courses are recommended?

A. Some of the highly recommended courses are MCSE, CCNA and OCP.

Q5. How can I be sure that CertifyWeb is the best choice for IT certification preparations?

A. CertifyWeb is striving to provide its customers the best IT preparatory guides for the past several years. CertifyWeb assists you in enriching your life and help you achieve your goals of becoming a certified professional. It provides you with a fast and cost-effective learning solution, helping you to excel in your career in less time. CertifyWeb is a market leader in the field of IT Certification preparation with an impressive, unparalleled success rate of 99%. Whether you are an IT professional, a developer, office worker, home user or technology trainer, CertifyWeb is the best choice as your IT certification preparatory guide. Empower yourself with CertifyWeb courses and take control of your future.

Q6. Tell me about CertifyWeb team?

A. CertifyWeb has a core team comprising of certified professionals from different vendors. Our team develops and updates Study Guides,Q &A; and various test engines based on their many years of experience. Most of the team members are Masters degree Holders with minimum of two years of experience in IT field. The team at CertifyWeb has subject experts with 3-10 years of experience.

Q7. How much time do I get to complete the course?

A. These IT preparation materials are specially designed for your convenience. Facilitation and self paced study are the prime benefits of these products. It's up to you, take your time and when ever you feel you are ready, go for the exam, prepared and confident.

Q8. Does CertifyWeb offers an exam pass guarantee for certification?

A. Yes we do. We guarantee that with CertifyWeb study guides and especially with the help of practice exam questions, you will pass the Certification exam in the first attempt. We claim this on the basis of our many years of experience, in which we have assisted more than 450,000 people to get their certifications for number of IT exams. Our success rate is 99%, and we assure you that with our help and assistance combined with your efforts, you will pass your certification exam.

Q9. What if I don't pass? Can I ask for a refund?

A. It is very rare that people using our preparation materials don't pass their IT exam. For such unlikely events we offer 100% money back guarantee which is in the form of getting study material free for any exam of your choice. For further information you can check out our Refund Policy.

Q10. For how many IT exams does a CertifyWeb offer study material?

A. CertifyWeb proudly announces that it is offering the largest ever increasing online study materials for IT exams and certifications. At present we are offering you 1500 popular IT exams from over 140 vendors. New exams are added to the CertifyWeb site every month. General:

Q11. Can I become a member at CertifyWeb?

A. You need to have a member account at CertifyWeb to receive our newsletters, be informed on discounts, place orders, download products etc. you can easily create an account by following the 3 simple steps mentioned below:
  • At CertifyWeb, click on Create Account link in the left panel.
  • In the "New Customers" Section, enter a valid email address, your name and your password in the respective fields.
  • Click "GO".
Your account is now successfully created.

Q12. How to access member area?

A.You can access member area by following these simple steps:-
  • At CertifyWeb, enter Email ID and password in the Members Area on the left panel.
  • Click "login".
  • You have logged in to your account successfully and are now in the member areA. You can place orders of your choice now.

Q13. How can I edit my account information?

A. At CertifyWeb, log in to your member account. You will now be taken to a page where you can see "Edit Info" link on the left panel. Click "Edit Info". After editing the relevant fields, click "GO". You will be taken to a page that confirms that your edited Information has been updated.

Q14. How can I refer CertifyWeb to a friend?

A. At CertifyWeb, if you want to refer a friend to a particular exam page, scroll down on the page to the section "Refer a Friend", then fill in the respective fields and click "Send". A link will be sent to your friend and He/She can visit this page anytime.

Q15. How can I be entitled to free CertifyWeb exams through Refer a Friend Program?

A. You can get free exams at CertifyWeb through our Refer a Friend Program. All you need to do is to ask your referral friend to enter your email address in the shopping cart when He/She is making a purchase at CertifyWeb. For each referral you will be entitled to one free exam at CertifyWeb. The more you refer, the more free Q&A; you get. So start referring CertifyWeb to your friends and colleagues.

Q16. Tell me about your affiliate program?

A. You can earn dollars by joining CertifyWeb's Affiliate Program. You will put up a link given by CertifyWeb on your website. And when ever there is a sale through your link you will be given 40% share of the sale. For details click here.

Q17. I want to get CertifyWeb free newsletters, how can I get that?

A. All you need to do is to get yourself registered at CertifyWeb. We send newsletters to all our registered members. Products and Promotions :

Q18. What are all products being offered by CertifyWeb?

A.The IT exam preparation products available at CertifyWeb are:
  • Exam study guide
  • Exam audio guide
  • Exam PDF File.
  • Exam test Engine

Q19. What do you mean by "Study Guides"?

A.Study guides have been specially designed for most of our exams. These study guides will introduce you to the core logic of various subjects so that you not only learn, but you also understand various technologies and concepts. These guides give you detailed explanations of the concepts which are required to pass the IT exam. These study guides are available in PDF format.

Q20. Which Study Guides are available at CertifyWeb?

A. At present CertifyWeb is offering study guides for following IT tests:
  • 070-290 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment
  • 070-291 Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
  • 070-292 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment for a W2K MCSA
  • 070-210 Windows 2000 Professional
  • 070-214 Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network
  • 070-215 Windows 2000 Server
  • 070-216 Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
  • 070-217 Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
  • 070-218 Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment
  • 070-222 Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000
  • 070-228 Installing, Configuring and Administering SQL Server 2000
  • 070-229 Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL Server 2000
  • 070-270 Windows XP Professional
  • 640-607 CCNA
  • 220-231 A+ Hardware Technologies
  • 220-232 A+ OS Technologies
  • 070-300 Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures
  • 070-305 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET
  • 070-306 Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
  • 070-310 XML Web Services and Server Components with Visual Basic.NET
  • 070-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET
  • 070-316 Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET
  • 070-320 XML Web Services and Server Components with C#.NE

Q21. What are "Audio Guides"?

A. Exam Audio Guides are Study guides in audio format where you are taught about the subject through audio in a natural, professional and interactive manner. This recent addition to our products is a valuable and a pleasant surprise to students preparing for certification and exam. These Audio files are available for download and can be played using mp3 player.

Q22. Which Audio Guides are available at CertifyWeb?

A. Currently we provide audio guides for around 25 popular exams but the number is steadily increasing. These include but are not limited to:
  • 070-290
  • 070-291
  • 070-292
  • 070-293
  • 070-294
  • 070-296
  • 220-301
  • 220-302
  • 640-801
  • 642-801
  • 642-811
  • 642-821
  • 642-831
  • N10-003

Q23. What do you mean by "Exam PDF File"?

A.The files available in PDF format are a compilation of Questions and Answers for you to prepare before you sit for the exam. Our Q&A contains simulated exam questions with the most accurate answers, most of which are thoroughly explained, including the incorrect answers. More information can be found on our products page. You can download these by simply clicking on the vendor of your choice e.g. Apple, and then clicking the demo button next to the Questions and Answers in your required exam. In the purchased product, number of questions can vary from 50 questions to 1200 questions depending upon the exam. No. of questions is mentioned against each exam for your reference. There are two types of Q & A.
  • Simple Question and Answers.
  • Question and Answers with explanations.

Q24. What are Offline Testing Engines / Exam Test Engines?

A. Offline Testing Engines or Exam Test Engines are offline simulators of the real exams that are available for you to download and practice. With our Exam Test Engine, you can test your skills in test environment very similar to real exam. This is especially beneficial in helping you get accustomed to the exam scenario; acquainting you with exam question types and helping you improve while there still is time. You can download Exam Simulators by clicking on any vendor e.g. Cisco and then clicking demo button of your required exam. Then you will be able to download the demo test engine by clicking "Download Interactive Test Engine". After the download is complete, extract the contents of the folder. Then run the setup file. [When prompted, install the Dot Net Framework����be patient as it may take some time]. After you finish, launch the engine from your programs menu or desktop (if it does not automatically). And you are all set to give the exam now or when you feel like it!

Q25. What are the key features of the Exam Test Engine?

A. The Exam Test Engine is a valuable product, ideal for exam preparation and testing. These offline simulators of the real exams help you gauge your preparation before you actually sit for the exam. The key features are:- It has a timer, which helps you keep track of the time and ends the test as soon as the test time gets over. The review status displays the answer status; the number of questions attempted etc. so that you can attempt the un-attempted questions later. Want to go for a break in between the test, simply use the pause button to freeze the timer and resume later. At the end, the test engine would provide you with your consolidated score along with the required score in that particular exam and your pass status.

Q26. Where can I get the details of all exams that CertifyWeb is offering?

A. You can get the detailed information about all the exams on our Exam Page. Bundles and Discounts:

Q27. What are bundles?

A. Bundles are group of exams that are offered at discounted price. CertifyWeb gives huge discounts if exams are bought in groups. You can save up to $ 9.125 on each exam, if you go for bundles rather than individual purchase of exam. CertifyWeb provide bundles for all the vendors.

Q28. Where can I find the ordinary bundles?

A. Select your vendor. Then in the exam listing in the following page you can find a bundle of your choice.

Q29 Are there any other bundles being offered at CertifyWeb?

A.Yes! CertifyWeb offers you two very special bundles in addition to ordinary bundles.
  • "Buy 5 and get 1 free bundle".
  • "Customized bundle".

Q30. How do I get the "buy 5 and get 1 free bundle?

A. Following may be done in this regard :-
  • Buy at least 5 products in a single purchase.
  • You have to mail the receipt of the purchase, your login ID, and name of a free exam of your choice to However, the free exam should not have a value higher than the average price of the 5 purchased products.
  • Support will add the free exam to your Members Area and notify you that it is available for download.

Q31. What is the "customized bundle" and how can I get it?

A. If you intend to make a larger purchase (multiple products) and it does not fit the Ordinary bundles, contact for a "customized bundle" providing login ID and list of exams you want. You will be given a special discounted price for the purchase.

Q32. What are discount vouchers?

A. CertifyWeb frequently offers discounts to its valuable customers. Discounts are offered ranging from 15% to 30% and at times even 50%. The customer has to enter the discount code in the shopping cart once He / She is purchasing a product and He / She will get discount in the total price. After discount, click the "recalculate" button to calculate the discounted price.

Q33. How I will know what discounts are being offered by CertifyWeb?

A. CertifyWeb gives discounts every now and then and intimates its members through newsletters. If you are a registered member at CertifyWeb, you will be intimated regarding the upcoming discounts, so look out for them. System Requirements and Updates:

Q34. What are the system requirements to run CertifyWeb products?

A.These system requirements must be met for CertifyWeb products:
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for PDF files)
  • MP3 player (for audios)
  • Dot net framework (for test engines)
  • At least 64 MB Ram (for test engines)

Q35. How often products are updated?

A. At CertifyWeb, products are revised and updated on continuous basis. The vendors often change the tested skill in exams, so we frequently change our study guides and practice exam questions accordingly to meet the criteria of current IT exam.

Q36. Are your updates free?

A. Products are regularly updated at CertifyWeb. And the updates are free up till one year after the purchase of product. You can download updates at CertifyWeb from your member account.

Q37. How do I know there has been an update?

A. CertifyWeb sends out information about updates on a regular basis in CertifyWeb newsletter to all its registered users.

Q38. How do I receive my updates?

A.Simply follow these simple steps and you will have access to updated product.
  • Go to
  • Enter email in the Members Area
  • Enter password in the next field
  • Click "Login"
  • List of purchased products will be displayed
  • Click the appropriate product, for example Microsoft 070-215
  • Now download the product/update.

Q39. There has been an update but when I download I still got the old version. What should I do?

A. The old version is probably cached at your computer. You could try to restart Internet Explorer, restart the computer or clear the local web cache. To clear the local web cache open Internet Explorer, choose Tools menu then Internet Options command, and finally click the "Delete files" button. Order and Delivery

Q40. How do I order for an online purchase at CertifyWeb?

A. First of all you have to log into your member account at CertifyWeb. Choose your desired product from CertifyWeb site and add them to your shopping cart. Then click the "Pay and Finish" tab. If you are satisfied with all the details click the "Continue to secure server" tab and enter the required information to complete the purchase process.

Q41. How will I receive the products?

A.After you are done with the purchase process you will be able to download your purchased products from Members area at CertifyWeb. Log into your customer account at the website and there you can access your purchased product. You can access member's area by following these steps:
  • At, enter Email ID in the Members Area on the left side of the window.
  • Enter Password.
  • Click "Login".
You would have successfully logged in to your account and are now in the Members Area. Make sure you logout before leaving the website.

Q42. How soon I can download the products after the purchase?

A. You can download the products as soon you are done with the purchase process. Payments:

Q43. How do I pay for the products?

A. At CertifyWeb, we accept credit cards through metacharge and PayPal. We do not, however, accept money orders and cheques.

Q44. Which credit card you accept for the payments?

A. We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American, Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club International, and Cartre Blanche.

Q45. I do not have a credit card, how can I purchase your products?

A. You can still purchase our products and pay for them through PayPal and Western Union.

Q46. Is my credit card information secure at your site?

A.Absolutely, security of our client's confidential information is of utmost importance to us. Be confident when using our payment procedures. We therefore use a third party vendor as our card processor. All your credit card information is processed through them via secure network. We never see any of your confidential information and we assure you that none; of your information is ever stored anywhere on our servers.

Q47. Will I get a receipt for my purchases?

A. Yes, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail for every purchase. This order confirmation email is your receipt

Q48. Do I need to keep the receipt?

A. Yes, we recommend you to keep your receipt saved with you. You might need it later, for example if the exam is retired and replaced with another exam.

Q49. Do you share your client's information database with third parties?

A. We, at CertifyWeb, respect your right of privacy. We would never want our customers to be bothered by spam mails. Therefore we never share our client's information with any third-party. You will only receive mails from CertifyWeb, and you can unsubscribe anytime from our mailing list.

Q50. How I will get to know about the new courses offered in future?

A. We inform our registered customers about all the upcoming courses through our newsletters. Samples:

Q51. I would like to try your products before I buy? Do you have any demos?

A. Yes we do have demos for all our products. And you can try them before purchase. Support:

Q52. How can I contact you?

A. Simply fill out the Contact Form to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you and assist you in any way we can.

Q53. Does CertifyWeb offer online mentor support?

A. Yes, We do offer 24 hours online customer support through live chats on our website. Just click the Live Support Online link and you will be connected to customer support at CertifyWeb. Feel free to talk to our support providers who are available round the clock to assist you.